tattoos: the craze

First off, freedom of speech. We have it. Remember. Second, I’m aware that I will probably be offending about 1/2 of people out there by expressing a very unpopular opinion. Third, I realize that I’m the only one I know of who has these opinions about this subject matter who is not someone’s mom or grandma. My intention is not to offend or preach. It is simply to express my thoughts and search for others.

Tattoos are very much accepted in our world today. They are normal and are seen in every possible genre of people. If you don’t have one yourself, your best friend probably does. Your teachers and coworkers probably do, too. I’m gonna take an approach here that is purely logical to try to understand why in the world the majority of people my age are so infatuated with getting inked.

Years ago, when people first began getting them, they were a status, and though I know they still are a status, the reason for getting them has changed. Good girls get them. All types of guys get them. Old people get them. I want to understand why. My own opinion about tattoos will in all liklihood stay the same, but I want to know why my generation is as a whole so marked by them.

As simplistic as this point may be, I don’t understand why you want to look at the same designs on your body for you WHOLE LIFE. I’m incredibly puzzled by this. Once you get a tattoo, not only does it becomes part of your identity, it also looks up at you forever. It’s who you are. Folks who get them at once become forever anxious to talk about their new tattoos with anyone they can–friends, people in the store, coworkers. Their eager to give and receive compliments about them. I know. I’m around it every day and so are you. Tattoos make families, united by their common interest in ink. Is this because they feel a tad guilty for actually going out and doing it? Or is it because they’re so happy with their new artwork that they can’t contain the elation? I really don’t know. If it were a personal reason for getting one, you wouldn’t feel the urge to share the news with everyone you can, right?

For everyone who hasn’t already blown their lids, my next point will get you going. You probably guessed already. To me, they don’t look flattering on anybody. Not one little one. Not a half sleeve. Not any kind. It’s just me. Maybe it’s the ideology behind all of it that leaves a subconcious distaste for them in my mouth. Half of my friends have tattoos, and most of the other half are obsessed (literally obsessed: I don’t understand) with getting one. I love my friends with tattoos just as much as anyone else. It doesn’t make a difference to me.

But I have another question. Why is getting tattoos so addicting? Why is the job never done? People are always talking about what their “next tattoo” will be. Or getting theirs finished. I think the very point that the majority of people can’t stop with one is pretty curious. Why is this the case? Please tell me. Maybe they’re really so beautiful to people that they just want to continue becoming more attractive. To me, there are just so many OTHER ways to express yourself outwardly that don’t require permanently marking yourself. Maybe that’s the point–a lasting symbol of a certain point in your life.

The one kind of tattoo I slightly understand are those regarding marriage. When two people seek to remain united forever, why not symbolize this permanent decission with a permanent reminder? I mean, if you like that sort of thing. . .

Yes, some kinds of tattoos are attractive and pretty and expressive and unique, at least in the moment you decide that you love it enough to put it on your body. They’re cool. They’re you. They’re hipster. I get it, I guess. I love art in all its forms, but this kind I fail to comprehend. I still don’t understand why so very many people of all varieties and types are so eager to accept it.

I apologize to the many of you who hold opinions much different than my own in regards to this topic. Please don’t take offense. I’m not a big fan myself of being so different in my views from the majority of people my age. I seek to better understand your mindset while expressing my own opinions about this relevant topic.





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