We Are Art

We’re the creators. The artists of the world, if you will. In the midst of life on its ceaseless rampage, nothing is more satisfying to us than creating beauty out of this chaos. The most trivial snapshot can proove to be just the right haven, whether it’s through soaring melodies, eloquent words on a page, intricate dancing, or warm brushstrokes. Expressing ourselves is an outlet. A necessary outlet.

The world needs more beauty in it, or rather, people need to be able to escape momentarily from the world that becomes more and more chaotic each day and truly breathe in the gorgeous moments that scatter out before us like the sun breaking over the glassy ocean waves. We all share these chances to be inspired and choose to use them in the manner best fitted to our own liking.

Creativity–that amazing feeling of inspiration and the realization that you’ve had an idea that carries on its wings true potential–takes work. It really does. In order for me to create, I have to NOTICE things. Read things. Take note of what people do and say and act like. Or else it doesn’t come. In order to create meaningful art, I have to be relatable.

I like to keep numerous journals and diaries filled with different subjects–ideal quotes, love, thoughts. I know, most people (especially those who are more right brained) just engrave inspiring moments on their soul’s slate without even trying, at least it seems that way to me. But I have to write on paper in order to recall. Is it just me, everybody? Oh well.

I often feel that bragging rights come from being able to create something. I guess it’s kin to that feeling of accomplishment that arrives when something is complete. The first instinct and desire is to share it with people and glean their opinions and critiques.

For those of us who are the creators, life remains a meaningful chance to make what we love doing. We should capture each moment wisely.

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