Rough Beginnings

Her life had been crammed with passion. Persuing her dreams. Constantly striving to discover a better version of her. No year had been uniform with the previous one, and whenever she began to fall into that ever-dreaded rut, she sprinted out as quickly as she slid in. Her life had been a full one–happiness had never seemed far away. But it was never quite close enough to relish in.

Now, at nearly seventy years old, an abrupt halt had shaken her awake. What more was there to discover? Had all those endless years already expired? Furthermore, what was there left to come? Somehow, after all that she had completed, despite her most passionate endeavors, she still felt . . . empty. Old age had come upon her like a robed figure that had somehow always been in sight, just around the next corner, without her actually seeing it.

Foreign lands endured in her mind as places where the warmest of memories dwell. The world, in all its glorious capacities, was near to her. Her rich voice, and her sweet music, had been heard across the world. Life had treated her well, and she knew it.