The Art of Making Lists

Exploring the art of list-making

For this week’s WordPress challenge, I decided to include all three lists in one post. Making lists has always been one of the best ways to declutter my mind, and making lists of these three topics was really fun to think about.


Summer Recollections

  1. reading in the peace of nature out on the back deck
  2. the sensation of the ocean’s sun mixed with salt water on my body
  3. falling in love
  4. long walks in the heavy heat of the night air
  5. iced tea
  6. green foliage as far as the eye can see
  7. wading through creeks
  8. happy, bright colors
  9. bringing back memories of past summers
  10. vacationing in the mountains


First Love in Five Bullet Points

  • Young and lively. He got me out of my shell the very first time we met.
  • Hilarious. I’d never met someone with such a witty and unique sense of humor.
  • Caring. Definitely different from any other guy I’d ever met.
  • Cute. Captivatingly so.
  • Passionate. He was so dedicated to the things he loved–music, friends, and soon, me.


Bucket List

  • Be dangerous: go white water rafting
  • Live vicariously: befriend an elderly stranger and find out about their life
  • Commune with my saltwater heart: go surfing
  • Show love to strangers: volunteer
  • Explore: visit an island
  • Conquer fear of heights: go paragliding
  • Overcome something I’ve hated: be able to enjoy running
  • Live a movie scene: Ride a gondola in Venice
  • Be romantically cliché: eat at a sidewalk cafe in Paris