Window Into the Imagination

This is a poem that I wrote a long time ago in high school. I think it marks the true beginning of my obsession with words.

Can you see it in there?

Look within your own heart, care

About things not seen,

Try to see what they can mean.

A land of elves dancing,

Of blue unicorns prancing

Across meadows streaming with light,

Watch the condor about to take flight .

Look deeper, and deeper yet,

It lingers within you – never fret.

See? The tiny fairies are spreading their wings,

Ready to fly freely ’round the land of kings.

Magic sparkles in the majestic breeze

Sweeping the land by way of the trees.

You or I would notice this delight,

And taste so sweetly it well might,

But not the dwellers of this place,

For them it’s become their daily race,

Fully filling in every way,

So they notice not the passing day.

Now have you found it?

Can you see a bit?

Within your own self you must look,

Before you don’t need to open a book.

Look over this way.

See the elf children all at play,

And listen – the bubbling laughter

Of the crystal clear stream, after

Her life-like water has purified

The wader with her tide.

Enchantment rides on the sea-fairing wind,

Enriching the dwellers deep down within.

Gnomes mount upon birds of great might,

They look down, and know that they’re right

In choosing the simple life,

With so little strife.

Raindrops compose their own unique song,

Playing on rooftops made only of leaves, and long

Quiet hours they pour down, down, down,

But not so much as to make the land drown.

Can you taste the wonder yet?

Do you wish you could say these things you’ve met?

Travel these places inside your mind,

And joyous tranquility soon will you find.

Only one thing remains better than this,

And that is to visit yourself, and not one thing miss.